Saturday, December 17, 2011

Perfect Punctuation

More and more often it seems that as text messaging becomes more prevalent, punctuation seems to be falling by the way side.  Here is a center to remind your students that good punctuation skills are always important and fun!
Here are the products I used...
  • FLP30045OR - Orange Project Board 3X4 (I cut mine in half, so you can get 2 centers out of one!)
  • CTP6510 - Dots on Turquoise Paisley Trimmer
  • CTP6920 - Dots on Turquoise Library Pockets
  • HYG43317 - Pocket Chart Cards - Assorted (Used on the front of the pockets)
  • CTP4916 - 2" Dots on Turquoise Letter Stickers
  • PAC5178 - Assorted Index Cards (Used these for the sentence cards)
You can also add a jumbo library pocket (TNT6450 - Brite Jumbo Pockets) to the back of your board to hold worksheets.  The worksheet can be completed by the student after playing the game to turn in for a grade.  Another good reminder is to laminate your pockets and cards.  This will ensure that you don't have rips or tears in them as they are used by little hands.  Happy Punctuating!  :)

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