Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Statistics Suits

Here is an interactive bulletin board for upper elementary.  I've spent a lot of time lately looking for ways to help teachers of older students.  I really love it because, although students don't actually move the pieces around on the board, it is an activity for them to complete.  This could easily be transferred to a tri-fold board and brought out as a center activity.  It sure beats those boring worksheets!  The inspiration for this board came from an activity I saw on Pinterest (my latest obsession).  There are lots and lots of activities there and plenty of things to get those creative juices inspired!  See my link on the lower right hand side to see my Pinterest boards.  The items I used on this board are...

  • PAC57038-12 - Flame Fadeless 48"X12' Paper
  • FST3147 - Black Sassy Solids Border (It's 2-Sided!)
  • FST5176 - 5" Bling Letters with Pearls (I didn't use the stick on pearls, but there are endless possibilities for using them elsewhere.)
  • TNT3492 - Notebook Paper Chartlet-White
  • TS4820 - Jumbo Playing Cards
  • CD5415 - Red Calendar Cover Ups
  • FX39-525VP - Plastic Gold Coins
The students are to fill out their papers the same way the chart on the board is done for each hand of cards.  The key at the bottom gives the values for the Ace, Jack, Queen, and King.  The hand numbers are some solid calendar cover-ups, but you could print some off to use if you don't have any old ones left over.  I mounted them on some of the left over trimmer and cut them apart (I wanted to make sure they stood out against the red paper.)  The plastic coins are lightweight and I just put them up with Mavalus Tape.  Once again, I'm sorry for the grainy cell phone photo.  I would love to hear any feedback about how your students like this activity!   


  1. This is great =) will be trying this after break.


  3. Awesome idea!!! Will use with my kiddos. Very Creative!!!

  4. School is out for tbe summer. I am looking for ides and things to make tbe learning process better for my students next year. I cant wait to use this. The only problem is we dont get to measures of central tendency til the end of the year. I will let you know how it goes.