Thursday, February 18, 2010

Memory Verse Bears

A new take on the Valentines Day Bulletin Board. Great for a church Sunday School room or vestibule.
  • PAC56118-Petal Pink 48"X12' Fadeless Paper
  • T85027-Valentine Hearts Border
  • CDDJ610017-Here's My Heart Bears BBS
  • T438-Deep Pink 2" Casual Ready Letter
  • T10931-Bright Books Accent Variety Cutouts
  • T79501-Black 4" 3D Ready Letters
  • CDDJ620039-DJ Kids Cutouts
The memory verse on the large heart is...
"I have hidden Your Word in my heart that I might not sin against You." -Psalm 119:11

Winter Friends

This one is great for a classroom that can't decorate for Holidays.
  • PAC56388-Winterime 48"X12' Fadeless Paper
  • CD1225-Snowflakes Scalloped Border
  • CDDJ610018-Snow Pals BBS
  • CDDJ610027-Penguin Pals BBS
  • Silver Poster Board
I cut the silver poster board to make an ice skating rink for the penguins.

Here Comes Santa Claus

This is a nice one for Christmas! Perfect for a door decoration!
  • PAC57210-Light Blue 24"X12' Fadeless Paper
  • CD4017-Holly & Checks Pop Apart Border
  • Cd110062-Christmas Scene BBS
  • T79402-Red 2" 3D Ready Letters

Psychedelic Synonyms

This mini tri-fold is for a center working on synonyms. You could also make this board with antonyms, homonyms, or other phonetic skills.
  • 895183-Assorted Mini Tri-Fold Boards (Magenta)
  • TNT6044-Swirls Library Pockets (Peel & Stick)
  • TNT3542-Pocket Chart Cards Bright (100 count)
  • TNT360-Index Cards 3X5 Colored
  • T46405-Colorful Sparkle Stars Stickers (for self checking)
I wrote synonyms on the index cards and laminated them. On the back I put a star sticker that matches the appropriate pocket for self checking.

Grocery Guide Words

Here is another tri-fold center idea. This one is teaching guide words for dictionary skills as well as alphabetical order.
  • 895183-Assorted Mini Tri-Fold Board (Yellow)
  • TNT6433-Red Polka Dot Library Pockets (Peel & Stick)
  • T3542-Pocket Chart Cards Bright (100 count)
  • PAC25340-Craft Sticks Regular Size
  • T63337-Snack Foods Stickers
  • T46405-Colorful Sparkle Stars Stickers (for self checking)
I wrote different food words on the sticks that would go between the guide words printed on the front of the pockets. On the back of the stick I put a star sticker in the color that matched the star on the outside of the pocket which allows for self checking.

Pick A Pronoun

Here is one of the most popular tri-folds I've done. This is on a mini tri-fold board, so it's small enough to sit at a table and allow the teacher to still see the students working behind it.
  • 895183-Assorted Mini Tri-Fold Board (Light Blue)
  • TNT6034-Green Polka Dot Library Pockets (Peel & Stick)
  • TNT3542-Pocket Chart Cards Bright (100 count)
  • PAC25340-Craft Sticks Regular Size
  • T46405-Colorful Sparkle Star Stickers (for self-checking)
The polka dot paper behind the title is one of the pockets cut apart. On each stick I put a different noun (also included proper nouns) Then on the back of the stick I put a star sticker that matched one that I put on the outside of the pocket, allowing the student to check their work.

Chilly Change

This is one of many Tri-Fold displays I've done. They're some of my favorites to do because they're so versatile. It's a perfect for a center because it can be brought out during part of the year while teaching a specific skill and stored away when the unit is over. This particular one is on counting money, specifically change.
  • FLP30049-Light Blue Foam Project Board
  • CD120048-Penguins/Igloos Cutout Buddies
  • CD5261-US Money Coins Stickers
  • FX12-742-Snowflake Prism Stickers
  • White Poster Board (Drew blocks on it to give the illusion of an igloo for the background of the title.)
  • T79045-Snowflake 4" Casual Letters

Radical Readers/Zebra & Pink Print

This board is perfect for placing students in reading groups! Switch it up by labeling them X, Y, Z instead of the traditional ABC groups! Another idea is to allow students to name their groups!
  • PAC57128-Nile Green 48”X12’ Fadeless Paper
  • FST3114-Zebra Double Sided Border
  • FST4614-Zebra Blank Chart
  • FST4530-Zebra Create & Decorate BBS
  • FST5126-Zebra 4” Punch Out Letters

Monkey See, Monkey Do

This board is perfect for a door or narrow space! A great way to display your alphabet line if you don't have the space along a wall!
  • PAC57028-Brown 48”X12’ Fadeless Paper
  • T8226-Monkey Mischief Jumbo Alphabet Line Modern Manuscript (Traditional/Zaner Bloser also available)
  • T10818-Monkeys and Bananas Mini Accent Cutouts
  • T79743-Yellow 4” Playful Ready Letters
  • CTP1931-Coconut Palms Border

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Color Overalls

This one is totally cute for an Early Childhood classroom! Here are the products I used on this one...
  • PAC57080-Canary Fadeless 24"x12' Paper
  • T92194-Color Pallette Scalloped Trimmer
  • CD110107-Color Overalls BBS
  • CD120043-Paintbrushes and Cans Cutout Buddies

Read A Real Gem

Here's an exciting way to track your the reading completed by your class!
Here are the products used on this board...
  • PAC57210-Lite Blue Fadeless Paper 24x12
  • CD1240-Ocean Waves Scalloped Border
  • CD110098-Big Treasure Chest BBS
  • CD3459-Dive Into Learning BBS
  • T10931-Bright Books Classic Accents Variety Pack
  • T10821-Bright Books Mini Accents Variety Pack
  • T10928-Speech Balloons Classic Accents Variety Pack
  • HYG33605-White Picket Fence Cutout Border
I used the key that comes in the treasure chest BBS to track the number of books the students read. I used an exacto knife to cut along the edge of the inside of the treasure chest allowing me to put the book accents inside and some of the big jewel cutouts. The picket fence border serves as a sea ladder, I cut the points off the top of the fence making it look like a ladder. The treasure at the bottom of the ladder is the treasure meant to go inside the chest.
The quotation on the bubble says, "WOW, look how many books this class has read!"

Look Whooo's In First Grade

Nothing makes a student feel more special than being welcomed to the classroom with an amazing door or wall display. For this one I used the following products...
  • CD110136- Pop It Tree BBS
  • CD110137 - Owl BBS
  • T79401 - 2" Black 3D Ready Letters
I made the quotation bubble by cutting out a piece of light blue poster board.