Friday, February 24, 2012

Our Daily Schedule - Dots on Turquoise Collection

     Anyone who has worked with children for any significant amount of time will tell you that a well run classroom depends on structure.  Having something up so that children can visualize their day will greatly increase your chances of success with this endeavor.  Some of you may have seen a schedule like this in an earlier blog post using the Poppin' Patterns bulletin board set put out by Creative Teaching Press.  I love that set and looked high and low this year to see if they would put one out in their wildly successful Dots on Turquoise collection.  Sadly they did not release it for this year (fingers crossed for next year).  So, to take matters into my own hands, I created one myself using the products they currently have on the market.  Here is what you need to recreate this for yourself...

  • FLP30045R - 3X4 Red Tri-Fold Board
  • FLP30145R - Red Tri-Fold Header
  • CTP1868 - 4" Dots on Turquoise Punch Out Letters
  • CTP3883 - Dots on Turquoise Fancy Cards (Used these for the Digital Clocks)
  • CTP3884 - Dots on Turquoise Dot Cutouts 
  • SE84 - Clocks Notepad (Used these to create the Analog Clocks.  I cut out the edge of the clocks and pasted them to the dot cut outs.)
  • CTP4521 - Dots on Turquoise Name Plates
  • CTP7039 - Mini Dots on Turquoise Cutouts (Used these on the name plates)