Saturday, December 17, 2011

Farmer's Market Math

This math bulletin board is an interactive way to teach adding money.  In this activity, students pull a worksheet from the big pocket and complete it using the information given on the board.  Here are the products I used...
  • PAC57148 - Emerald 48"X12' Fadeless Paper
  • TF8290 - Fruits and Veggies Trimmer
  • TF8422 - Farmers Market Math BBS
  • TNT6450 - Bright Jumbo Pockets
The directions for the activity are found on the front of the yellow pocket.  In case you don't have a magnifying glass, here they are...
  1. Remove the worksheet from the pocket.
  2. Write your name on your paper.
  3. Complete the worksheet using the information found on the market bulletin board.
  4. Show your work on the back.
  5. Turn into the red basket for a grade.
An example of the kinds of word problems found on the worksheet are...

Jennifer has a pot roast simmering at home.  But she needs some vegetables to finish making dinner.  How much will she owe if she buys 4 carrots, 3 potatoes, and 5 ears of corn?  _____________________________________

Using the names of students in the class or teachers names from your school is one more way to make this fun for your students!  You may also find other ways to use this bulletin board set. It could be used for patterning, subtraction, or fractions!  It's very versatile with a little imagination.  Enjoy!  

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