Monday, April 11, 2011

Jesus Loves "Ewe"

Of all the boards I have designed, this has to be my favorite Inspirational Bulletin Board. It's just so sweet and has such a simple message, but it is the source of everything the Christian Faith teaches. In the end it all comes back to the love of Jesus. Here are the items I used to create this board...
  • PAC56398 - Landscape 48"X12' Paper
  • T79744 - 4" Blue Playful Letters (The green are no longer available)
  • CD3302 - Jesus Loves Me Border
  • CD3416 - The Good Shepherd BBS
The fence, hills, and flowers seen here are all on the landscape paper when you unroll it. It's one of the best things about all the mural papers that are coming out now. Awhile back if you wanted a scene like this, you would have to buy individual pieces and create it. Not so anymore! This makes the entire process cheaper and easier! I don't know about you, but I LOVE cheap and easy! The green gingham letters I used on this board are no longer available. However, the number I have listed above is for a pretty solid blue playful letter that will look stunning and really pop on that light blue background. I am in love with this board and I hope it is a hit for you this Spring!

Wanted By God

I created this board for Vacation Bible School in 2010. Although it was originally meant for VBS, it could still be used effectively in a church foyer or children's hall. Here are the products I used...
  • PAC56468 - Clouds 48"X12' Fadeless Paper
  • CD110072 - Grass Big Border (2 Pkgs)
  • CD1256 - Red Bandanna Border
  • CDDJ608001 - Wooden Frame Trimmer (2 Pkgs)
  • TF3075 - Western Round Up BBS
  • FST5122 - 4" Red Bandanna Letters
The fence here does not come in a bulletin board set. I made it using a wood frame border that is manufactured by DJ Inkers from Carson Dellosa. It seemed to work well and the beauty of it as opposed to a split rail fence BBS is that you can make this as long as you like! I ended up using 2 packages of the big grass border, but if you don't need 2 rows of grass, one will work fine, just tuck the fence post behind the border.

Out of this World

Anyone out there remember the Jetson's? I do! It was a great futuristic cartoon and most kids I knew loved it. If you're looking for something that incorporates both nostalgia and some Sci-Fi, this board is for you! What a great way to say "Welcome to the Future!" Here are the items I used...
  • PAC56228 - Night Sky 48"X12' Fadeless Paper
  • T92142 - Super Space Trimmer
  • TF8017 - Space School Welcome BBS
  • TF8020 - Space Station Job Assignment BBS
  • T1613 - 4" Silver Sparkle Casual Letters
The night sky paper used here gives the finishing touch to this board. It really makes you feel as though it is set in Space! The centerpiece is the Job Assignment BBS and jobs may be written in the blank signs. The set comes with "space cars" that student names can be put on. I didn't use them all on this display, but you can tailor it to how many students you have in your classroom!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Monster Manners

These furry friends are sure to be a hit in your classroom! This set is made for birthdays, but I wanted to change it up a bit. I used the characters to teach on manners and it was really simple to modify! Here are the products I used...
  • T8311 - Furry Friends Birthday Fun BBS
  • TA67325 - What You Do Shows Who You Are Poster
  • TCR4757 - Polka Dot Card Cutouts
  • PAC53821E - Orange Premium Poster Board
  • T79755 - 4" Alpha Bead Punch Out Letters
When you get the package, you will notice that the blue monster is movable and comes with a separate sign that says Happy Birthday. Because the sign is not attached to him, it makes it very easy to make your own and have it read whatever your theme happens to be! I used an orange piece of poster board and traced the outline of the birthday sign. I doubled it's size though, because my sign needed to be 2 lines instead of one. I cut it out and attached my letters then put up the rest of the set, omitting the pieces with birthday hats and gifts. The little yellow guy's mouth is perforated and will open so that you can put anything you like in his mouth. I really liked the message of this argus poster, so I had him holding it to tie them together. On the polka dot cards, I put student's suggestions for good manners and peppered in a few of my own!

The Core of Learning

So many teachers find themselves stumped at the beginning of the school year, wondering what to put on their door to welcome students to class. Here is an idea that will also tie into the apple themes that always kick off the semester! Here are the products I used...
  • PAC56518 - Weathered Wood 48"X12' Fadeless Paper
  • CD108004 - Pop Apart Apple & Black Check Trimmer
  • FST5257 - 5" Lowercase Fancy Font Punch Out Letters
  • T10834 - Discovery Apple Mini Accents
  • TF8001 - Big Apple Puzzle BBS
The trimmer I used is actually a pop apart trimmer by Carson Dellosa. It is actually 2 trimmers in one, so you get a lot of product for your bucks! Here I only used one side of it, but the other side is adorable as well! I used the small apple cutouts as accents for the letters. The large apple is actually a puzzle! If you've checked out any of my other posts, you might have seen it used in a different way. This set is versatile and you will find many ways to use it in your classroom too!

Friendship - Kids Around The World

This is probably one of my most popular boards. I think the reasoning behind it is because it speaks to so many people and teaching diversity has become such an important principle to instill in children. This board is popular with schools and churches alike. Most churches are drawn to it because it can be used to teach about missions and the importance of reaching out to people who might be different from you. Here are the products I used...
  • PDS352 - Small Multicultural Hands Cutouts
  • CDDJ610041 - Kids Around the World BBS
  • T433 - 2" Black Casual Punch Out Letters
It doesn't require many products at all to create this board. I do realize that I have it up on a circular bulletin board, however, since most people only have the standard rectangle it will still work well. Because there is not a circular trimmer on the market, I had to improvise and use the hands as my trimmer. If you have a rectangular board, there are plenty of really cute multicultural trimmers out there. Find one you like best and use the hands as accents on your board! It will look great and fill up the extra space you may have!


This year one of the Vacation Bible School Themes is Pandas. So, since we are gearing up for the start of Summer and an exciting season of VBS I wanted to share this Panda themed board. This one in particular is designed for the classroom, but it could easily be changed for VBS by revising the title. Perhaps something like, "God is Wild About You" or "We're Wild About Jesus!" Titles similar to these would make it go along with the Pandamania theme nicely. Here are the products I used...
  • PAC56058 - Sage Green 48"X12' Fadeless Paper
  • TF8044 - Pandamania BBS
  • TF8210 - Panda Welcome 2-Sided Decoration
  • TF8274 - Bamboo Trimmer
  • T79741 - 4" Black Playful Punch Out Letters
This board is very versatile and can be used to draw attention to anything you want to feature in the classroom. Because most of it is black and white, it works great with most color schemes!

Polka Dot Classroom Centers

Looking for a new way to track your student's migration from center to center? Here is a fun and colorful way to display it for the class to see. Best of all it hangs on a pocket chart stand so it doesn't take up all your precious wall space! It can be rolled out of the way easily or covered up as needed. Here are the products I used...
  • PAC54651E - Dark Blue Poster Board (I used to pieces that I laminated together end to end. Black Poster Board also works well.)
  • CTP3804 - Poppin' Patterns Centers Signs Mini BBS.
  • CTP1194 - 4" Poppin' Patterns Punch Out Letters
  • CK368301 - Clothes Pins 24/Bag
  • CTP5933 - Poppin' Patterns Mini Dots Cutouts
For the place holders, down the side, I used a clothespin with a student's name written on the side. Then using a glue gun I adhered the mini dot cutouts to the end of the pin. For stability, you might consider laminating the dots before gluing since they will be handled a lot. I also laminated the poster boards after I had attached the center signs.