Monday, December 19, 2011

S"mitten" with Winter

Because changing your bulletin boards can be very time consuming, often teachers are looking for fun seasonal boards they can put up and leave up for awhile.  If you're anything like me, you would love to decorate more for the holiday's. Unfortunately, it only gets to stay up a short amount of time; particularly with Christmas break coming so soon.  So, here is a possible alternative that will allow you to be a little festive and get away with leaving this cutie up until at least March!  :)  Here are the products I used...
  • PAC57218-12 - Light Blue 48X12 Fadeless Paper
  • T92164 - Snow and Ice Trimmer
  • T79741 - 4" Black Playful Letters (Used these on top of the mitten accents)
  • T10912 - Mittens Cut Out Accents
  • T8127 - Super Snowman BBS
Wishing You A Wonderful Winter!  :)

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