Saturday, December 17, 2011

Paisley Parts of Speech

This center is a great way to review Parts of Speech with your students in preparation for a test.  Here are the products I used...

  • FLP30045LB - Light Blue 3X4 Tri-Fold Board (I cut it in half, that way you get two games out of one!)
  • CTP6511 - Paisley on Brown Trimmer
  • T1789 - 2" White Stick EZ Letters (I cut apart the blue paisley pockets in the package to create the backing for the title.)
  • CTP6921 - Paisley Doodles Library Pockets
  • TNT3512 - Assorted Flash Cards (Cut down to fit in the pockets, they come a little long.)
  • TNT6450 - Brite Jumbo Library Pockets
  • CTP4916 - 2" Dots on Turquoise Letter Stickers (The paper behind the worksheet pocket and the directions is the library pockets cut apart and glued together.)
The directions on the right side are hard to see so I have included them below...
  1. Remove all the cards from the pockets.
  2. Read the sentences on each card.
  3. Determine if the word in bold is a noun, a verb, an adjective, or an adverb.
  4. Place the card in the appropriate pocket.
  5. Complete the response form and turn it in for a grade.
Here is an example of how the sentences are written on the cards...

Anna Brooke laid her head on the soft pillow and immediately fell asleep.

Hope your students have a blast learning about Parts of Speech!

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