Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sassy Sentences

Here is a center idea for identifying parts of a sentence!  The items I used are as follows...

  • FLP30045OR - Orange Tri-Fold Board (I cut mine in half, 2 games for the price of one!)
  • CTP1108 - Jumbo Dots on Chocolate Trimmer
  • CTP4192 - 2" Dots on Chocolate Uppercase Letter Stickers
  • CTP6919 - Dots on Chocolate Library Pockets
  • TNT3512 - Assorted Flash Cards (I cut them down to size a little, they come a bit too long for the pockets.)
  • TNT6450 - Brite Jumbo Library Pockets 
  • CTP5930 - Jumbo Chocolate Dots Cutouts
As you can see the big pocket on the left is for the worksheets you will create for your students to complete.  

Here are the directions on the right side that you may not be able to see...

  1. Remove the cards from the bank.
  2. Read the sentences on each card.
  3. Decide if the bold words in the sentence tell who/what, action, or where.
  4. Place the card in the appropriate pocket.
  5. Complete the response form and turn it in for a grade.
Here is an example of each kind of sentence used on the cards...

The eagle perched on a branch. (Who/What)
The eagle perched on a branch. (Action)
The eagle perched on a branch. (Where)

You could even make up your own simple sentences using the names of students in your classroom.  This makes the game even more fun!

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  1. Fun! I have lots of dots on chocolate stuff...have to try this!