Wednesday, March 9, 2011

On The Loose With Dr. Seuss

So I know I am a bit late, but Dr. Seuss' Birthday is being celebrated this month and I thought it would be cool to show you the Read Across America Boards I have done! This was the first one I ever did. Enjoy!

  • PAC57038 - Red Fadeless 48"X12' Paper
  • EU845017 - Cat In The Hat Trimmer
  • EU847637 - Cat In The Hat Large Characters BBS
  • EU847639 - Giant Cat In The Hat BBS
  • T459 - 4" Blue Casual Ready Letters
The background is what really makes this board special and creating it is a cinch! I used the back side of some old straight border to create the white stripes. Any kind will do as long as it's the same width. The cheapest thing to do is save those random single pieces that always end up in the garbage and recycle them instead! I tacked up a piece of trimmer in between each line that I removed at the end, just to make sure that my lines stayed straight and the spacing was even. It looks like I have a good eye, but really I cheated! The thought bubble I created using a white piece of poster board. I just cut it out into a wavy looking bubble and attached the letters to it. Without the bubble the letters would have gotten lost on the busy background. Finally, the giant Cat in the Hat character is about 4 feet tall, so I simply cut him off and covered the cut with the blue trimmer.

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