Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mad Libs Parts Of Speech

When I was a kid, the way I got tricked into learning my parts of speech was to play mad libs! Many teachers today use mad libs in their classroom to help students write silly stories and learn grammar. On this board, the class wrote a mad lib together and the teacher posted it on the wall along with the definitions of each part of speech! Great idea!
  • PAC57128 - Nile Green 48"x12' Fadeless Paper
  • CTP6474 - Dots On Yellow Border
  • T1095 - Notebook Paper Wipe-Off Chart
  • CD110126 - Parts Of Speech BBS
  • T79755 - 4" Alpha Beads Ready Letters
I copied the story from a mad lib book, but if you are super creative, you could write a story about your class and post it instead. Chart paper also works well for the story, particularly if you are planning to change it every year! After showing the class how to do one together, print off some extra stories (different ones this time) and allow the students to pair up and write their own. Post nearby for all to see and giggle at too!

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