Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Have A Heart (Go Green)

It seems, as of late, that everyone is "going green" and school is no exception. We should all be doing our part to help the environment and schools are really getting in on the campaign! If you are stumped about how to promote this worthy cause in your room, here is the answer you've been looking for!
  • PAC57200 - Royal Blue 24"x12' Fadeless Paper
  • EP3219 - Go Green Border
  • T79741 - 4" Black Playful Combo Ready Letters
  • TF8401 - Big Earth Puzzle BBS
  • CTP4703 - Go Green at School Mini BBS
The big Earth puzzle comes apart and can be put back together by students. It's a lot of fun, but beware it can be challenging to solve once separated. I chose to laminate mine and just leave out a couple pieces so it's easy to tell that it's a puzzle. There are a lot of options for using this Earth puzzle. For instance, it would be great to give each student a piece and have them write on it ways that they can help save the planet!

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