Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Un-frog-ettable Test Taking Tips

As we near the end of the school year, it comes time to start preparing students to take standardized tests. Many times this process can seem tiresome and boring. So why not add a little color and maybe a dash of fun to this time of year with an easy bulletin board! Here's how you achieve this look...
  • PAC57170 - Bright Blue 24"X12' Fadeless Paper
  • T92341 - Pink/Green Wave Trimmer
  • T8716 - Frog-tastic! Mini BBS
  • HYG87848 - Brite Tagboard 9x12 Sheets 48ct.
  • T79003 - 3" Yellow Casual Ready Letters
For this board I typed out the test taking tips my friend uses in her classroom and printed them. I used a font that I downloaded for free online. Then I cut the 9X12 Tagboard in half and used them behind the white paper to make them pop. This is a board you could put on a door too and if you don't like changing your boards all the time, these are great tips for taking tests year round!

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