Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Floral Facts

This center tests a students knowledge of basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.

Here are the products I used...
  • FLP30015 - Assorted Mini Project Board (Purple)
  • TNT6045 - Flowers Library Pockets
  • TNT3512 - Blank Assorted Flash Cards
  • T46405 - Colorful Sparkle Stars Stickers (for self checking)
I cut up the left over library pockets to use for the paper behind the title and cut out the flowers for the background. The font was downloaded for free online. The blank flash cards I cut down to size (they fit perfectly in the pocket, but were a bit too long). The piece I cut off the end of the flash cards I used as titles for the front of each pocket. The star stickers I used for self-checking purposes. I put a star on the front of each pocket and used the corresponding color on the cards that went in that pocket.

Another great idea when using this as a center...

Place the hot pink big pocket (looks like an over-sized library pocket) from TNT6454 - Real Big Pockets Brite on the back of the board and place a worksheet covering this skill in it. Then after students play with the center, have them complete the worksheet and turn it in. This will allow the teacher to determine whether the skill has been mastered.

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