Friday, September 2, 2011

My Camera Went to Heaven

It is very, very sad for me to report that my camera went to live with Jesus.  :(  I have lots and lots of new boards and ideas to share with you, but have had no way to do so!  My camera died in the gift shop bathroom at the Jordan River Baptismal Site in Israel.  I was changing clothes and dropped him.  I guess that would be the best place for a camera to die right?  But not so great for me and not so great for you, who have been so kind to follow my little blog!  I missed out on plenty of photo ops in Israel, but thankfully many of the group with me shared theirs!  
I have waited and waited hoping to save enough money to buy a new camera, but I have waited long enough and really need to update before I forget about these ideas.  That said, I am going to post new entries...but the photos are from my smart phone camera.  Some of them are grainy and a little shotty.  I'm sorry for that.  Hopefully, I can get better shots soon...anyone have a camera they wanna loan me?  Haha.  At any rate, I post all this to say that more ideas are coming and I'm sorry for the quality of the photos!  I hope you like all that I have been doing!  Blessings to you friends!

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