Friday, September 16, 2011

Juicy Geometry

Of all the areas of math that there are to be explored, I must say Geometry is my absolute favorite!  It's the only math I ever got an A in, so when a friend approached me about doing a geometry game to help teach the basics I jumped at the chance!  In this game students are to match 2 cards to each pocket.  One card shows a picture of the word on the pocket, like an angle for example.  The other card has a definition of the word on it.  Students must master the vocabulary and know what the definition looks like drawn out in order to complete this game.  A large pocket could be attached to the back of the board with a worksheet inside, testing the student's mastery of these concepts.  It would be turned in upon completion of the game!  Here are the items I used...

  • FLP30045LB - 3X4 Light Blue Project Board (I cut mine in half. Then you get  2 games for the price of one board!)
  • CTP2663 - Playful Patterns Trimmer
  • CTP4190 - 2" Dots on Black Uppercase Letter Stickers 
  • CTP6918 - Poppin' Patterns Library Pockets
  • HYG43317 - Pocket Chart Cards-Assorted Colors (Used these on the front of the pockets.)
  • TNT3512 - Blank Assorted Flash Cards (I cut these down and used them as the cards that go in the pockets.)
  • CTP5933 - Poppin Patterns Mini Dots Cutouts 
I hope this board creates a fun new way to look at Math!  

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