Friday, April 8, 2011

Monster Manners

These furry friends are sure to be a hit in your classroom! This set is made for birthdays, but I wanted to change it up a bit. I used the characters to teach on manners and it was really simple to modify! Here are the products I used...
  • T8311 - Furry Friends Birthday Fun BBS
  • TA67325 - What You Do Shows Who You Are Poster
  • TCR4757 - Polka Dot Card Cutouts
  • PAC53821E - Orange Premium Poster Board
  • T79755 - 4" Alpha Bead Punch Out Letters
When you get the package, you will notice that the blue monster is movable and comes with a separate sign that says Happy Birthday. Because the sign is not attached to him, it makes it very easy to make your own and have it read whatever your theme happens to be! I used an orange piece of poster board and traced the outline of the birthday sign. I doubled it's size though, because my sign needed to be 2 lines instead of one. I cut it out and attached my letters then put up the rest of the set, omitting the pieces with birthday hats and gifts. The little yellow guy's mouth is perforated and will open so that you can put anything you like in his mouth. I really liked the message of this argus poster, so I had him holding it to tie them together. On the polka dot cards, I put student's suggestions for good manners and peppered in a few of my own!

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