Friday, April 8, 2011

Friendship - Kids Around The World

This is probably one of my most popular boards. I think the reasoning behind it is because it speaks to so many people and teaching diversity has become such an important principle to instill in children. This board is popular with schools and churches alike. Most churches are drawn to it because it can be used to teach about missions and the importance of reaching out to people who might be different from you. Here are the products I used...
  • PDS352 - Small Multicultural Hands Cutouts
  • CDDJ610041 - Kids Around the World BBS
  • T433 - 2" Black Casual Punch Out Letters
It doesn't require many products at all to create this board. I do realize that I have it up on a circular bulletin board, however, since most people only have the standard rectangle it will still work well. Because there is not a circular trimmer on the market, I had to improvise and use the hands as my trimmer. If you have a rectangular board, there are plenty of really cute multicultural trimmers out there. Find one you like best and use the hands as accents on your board! It will look great and fill up the extra space you may have!

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