Monday, February 7, 2011

Heart Breaker Rhyming Game

Do you ever find yourself wishing you could decorate for the special holidays throughout the season, but find that it's a lot of trouble for only a few weeks and that you're short on space? Here is the solution! Make a tri-fold center that teaches a skill your class will be working on during the season and use the holiday as your inspiration! Here I have incorporated rhyming as the skill and Valentine's Day as my inspiration! The original concept for this game is not my own and can be found on the blog listed below. I simply took the concept and translated it onto a tri-fold board, adding instructions and a few ideas of my own.

This is a blog created by Creative Teaching Press (makers of the cute hearts). You will find many wonderful ideas here that might just inspire you too!

Here are the item numbers for the board you see pictured.
  • FLP30045R - Red Project Board (Cut in half using an X-acto Knife)
  • CTP5885 - Poppin' Patterns Jumbo Hearts Cutouts
  • T2703 - 4" Black Italic Upper & Lowercase Ready Letters
  • CTP5882 - Poppin' Patterns Hearts Cutouts (Medium Sized, used a black marker to outline the break in the heart to make it pop)
  • CTP6366 - Rhyming/Word Families Matching Game Books Grade K.
  • CTP5879 - Poppin' Patterns Mini Hearts Cutouts
  • ABC61-46 - File Folder Press on Bag (used on the back to hold the halves not affixed to the front of the board, not shown in photo)
  • TNT6454 - Real Big Pockets Primary (not pictured)
Here are the instructions I posted at the bottom...

  1. Remove the hearts from the bag on the back of the board.
  2. Look at the pictures on each half.
  3. Search for the picture on the board that rhymes with the half in your hand.
  4. Place the matching pieces on the board until they are gone.
  5. Remove one of the worksheets from the back of the board.
  6. Complete the worksheet on rhyming and turn it in.
For the photo above, I showed the game board completed. You will wanna permanently attach one side of the heart to the board and the other half you could attach a piece of velcro or post-it type glue that will allow you to stick and re-stick. For storage, the velcro sided pieces can be kept in a zip-loc type bag on the back. Also on the back of the board I attached a red jumbo library pocket (see the last item listed). Inside the pocket I put a worksheet on rhyming for the students to complete. This will be what the student turns in and will help the teacher determine whether the concept was mastered.

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