Thursday, February 11, 2010

Read A Real Gem

Here's an exciting way to track your the reading completed by your class!
Here are the products used on this board...
  • PAC57210-Lite Blue Fadeless Paper 24x12
  • CD1240-Ocean Waves Scalloped Border
  • CD110098-Big Treasure Chest BBS
  • CD3459-Dive Into Learning BBS
  • T10931-Bright Books Classic Accents Variety Pack
  • T10821-Bright Books Mini Accents Variety Pack
  • T10928-Speech Balloons Classic Accents Variety Pack
  • HYG33605-White Picket Fence Cutout Border
I used the key that comes in the treasure chest BBS to track the number of books the students read. I used an exacto knife to cut along the edge of the inside of the treasure chest allowing me to put the book accents inside and some of the big jewel cutouts. The picket fence border serves as a sea ladder, I cut the points off the top of the fence making it look like a ladder. The treasure at the bottom of the ladder is the treasure meant to go inside the chest.
The quotation on the bubble says, "WOW, look how many books this class has read!"

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