Thursday, February 18, 2010

Grocery Guide Words

Here is another tri-fold center idea. This one is teaching guide words for dictionary skills as well as alphabetical order.
  • 895183-Assorted Mini Tri-Fold Board (Yellow)
  • TNT6433-Red Polka Dot Library Pockets (Peel & Stick)
  • T3542-Pocket Chart Cards Bright (100 count)
  • PAC25340-Craft Sticks Regular Size
  • T63337-Snack Foods Stickers
  • T46405-Colorful Sparkle Stars Stickers (for self checking)
I wrote different food words on the sticks that would go between the guide words printed on the front of the pockets. On the back of the stick I put a star sticker in the color that matched the star on the outside of the pocket which allows for self checking.

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