Friday, November 5, 2010

Polka Dot Job Chart

So many people are now using the "Dots On Black" Poppin' Patterns Products from Creative Teaching Press and I had a friend of mine, who teaches, ask me if I had any ideas for a job chart. So I put on my thinking cap and this is what came out! The circles in the center of the dots are construction paper circles I cut out and laminated. Then I used velcro to adhere them, so that this chart can be used for several years and only the center circles need to be changed out yearly! I wrote the job title on the outside of the circle at the top. The names of the jobs I used are listed below, but you can always create your own! It always seems to get kids more excited when there is a fun name to go along with the job at hand.

-Weather Reporter
-Calendar Conductor
-Dean of Doors
-Pencil Protector
-Snack Samurai
-Lord of Lights
-Office Outlaw
-Flag Pharoah
-Keeper of Keys
-Board Brigade (2 of these)
-Pet Parent
-Chair Chief
-Lunch Lieutenant
-Paper Pirate
-Fearless Leader
-Plant Prince/Princess
-Captain of Clean
-Earl of Erasers
-Trash Tribe (2 of these)

And here is a list of the products I used to create this fun job chart...
  • FLP30049BK - Black Foam Project Board
  • CTP3869 - Poppin' Patterns Dots Cutouts
  • CTP5933 - Poppin' Patterns Dots Mini Cutouts
  • T2704 - 4" White Italic Punch Out Letters
  • PAC103045 - Hot Pink 9X12 Construction Paper
  • PAC103423 - Brilliant Lime 9X12 Construction Paper
  • HYG45215 - Velcro Coins 15 Count
If you have more students than jobs, you might consider attaching a ziploc bag or an expand-a-file onto the back of the board to store your extra student name circles!

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