Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Take A Look, We've Read Some Books

This is my latest Dr. Seuss Bulletin Board undertaking. I was challenged to create a Dr. Seuss board that tracked the number of books a classroom or school read. Obviously, you can change the numbers based on how many students are participating. I did this one based on the number of books a class would have read. The idea here is that for every 5 books a class reads, they would move the hat to track their progress. You could even put a picture of the prize the class wins at the end of the road to help them keep their goals in mind. I will warn you, this board is a bit more challenging to create than one might think. You might be sure and put this one somewhere that you can leave up all year, maybe even in the hallway outside your door! Here are the items I used and how I achieved this look...
  • PAC57338 - Violet 48"X12' Fadeless Paper
  • EU847041 - Favorite Books Mini BBS
  • EU847215 - Dr. Seuss Upper & Lowercase Punch Out Letters
  • PAC53821E - Orange Premium Posterboard
  • PAC53861E - Dark Blue Premium Posterboard
  • PAC53841E - Dark Green Premium Posterboard
  • PAC53801E - Red Premium Posterboard
  • CTP6579 - 4" Black Designer Punch Out Numbers
  • EU841300 - The Cat's Hat Cut Outs
In order to create the road, I cut the poster board into 4 sections and laid them out the length of the board overlapping them just a bit. Then I drew out my road on top of it and cut it out. I outlined the seams in black marker. Once I started tacking it up, it was easier to see if I needed to trim a piece down. I used the black numbers on each piece and accented with the book covers and characters in the Mini BBS. The hat cut out is what I used as the progress marker.

**If you have questions about this, as I am sure you will, feel free to leave a comment and I'll do my best to explain any of this that seems unclear.**

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